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If you want a family friendly gym, this is your place. My daughter joined 4 years ago after a friend invited here for free buddy week. I never thought in a million years my daughter would have chose Jujitsu as a sport. It's more though than just jujitsu she has learned so much in which she takes to her other sports (baseball and basketball). Balance, coordination, discipline, determination, stamina, these are just a few of the wonderful things they teach. Absolute Training Center is a great team atmosphere there is no tighter bond.


     -Rob McCaskill runs an incredible gym with a great atmosphere! I'm from California and personally have trained with some of the best! Currently I train under a Saulo Ribeiro black belt and also go and train at Saulo's place, and Professor Rob McCaskill is legit! No doubt in my mind! I see high level black belts and Rob is awesome and held very high in my opinion! Rob is of the highest standards of what a black belt is in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

-Law Arroyo

Saulo Riberio BJJ Black Belt

     -Prof. Rob McCaskill possesses great knowledge! You can tell that you're a great teacher from the quality of your students!

-Prof. Brandon Olsen

BJJ Black Belt

IBJJF Worlds Silver Medalist

Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Jiu-Jitsu World Champion

Grapplers Quest Champion

Quest Combat Challenge MMA Champion

Art of War MMA Champion

WEC and MFC veteran/winner

      -I am honored to be a friend and a part of the best bjj/mma gym in the area! There is no question in my mind about the validity of Rob McCaskill's black belt or character! You run an awesome program!

-Mark Hughes

Checkmat BJJ Black Belt

IBJJF Worlds-World Championship Bronze Medalist

Former Instructor for UFC/Strikeforce/Pride Super Star Dan Henderson

   -Great space and extremely welcoming! Rob has a great eye for details and teaches technique progressions exceptionally well. 

-Pat Cooney

Carlson Gracie Jr. BJJ Black Belt

Quest of Champions 6 BJJ Champion

-We're a no-frills gym, but it only takes a few minutes hanging out to recognize that we are keeping the art true! I'm proud of every person that's had the fortitude to stick around and learn from Professor McCaskill who has dedicated his life to learning and teaching Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and MMA!

-Matt Lawlor

ATC Brown Belt and Coach

Oregon Open 2x Champion

The Revolution Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu Champion

Quest of Champions 6 BJJ Champion

Montana Grappling Gi Champion

Montana Grappling No Gi Champion

Missoula Open Submission Champion

     -Awesome mentor, coach, friend and person all around! ATC!

-Larry Francis

ATC Blue Belt

JJWL Las Vegas Mr. Olympia International Championships Gi Champion

JJWL Las Vegas Mr. Olympia International Championships ABSOLUTE Champion

Northwest Open Gi Champion

Northwest Open No Gi Champion

Montana Grappling Champion

Fightforce MMA Champion

     -You have been nothing short of awesome to me and my family!

-Coach Brad

ATC Blue Belt

     -My son has been doing BJJ/MMA for 2 1/2 years and has been At ATC/Absolute Fight Factory for about 9 months. He has found the personalized attention on the mat from BLACK BELT Rob McCaskill to be far superior from the previous gym he attended! And no contracts :)


     -Your students love you! You make a big difference in peoples lives giving them your time and knowledge! Keep teaching those sweet moves!

-Coach Amanda

ATC Purple Belt

     -You are a wonderful coach Rob McCaskill! The best coach our family could ever ask for! We have a family at this gym! We love the way you teach, and the way you care about all of us as your students. That is a family! 


Montana Grappling Gi Silver Medalist

Montana Grappling No-Gi Silver Medalist

     -You're AWESOME Rob McCaskill!

-Robert W.

     -I wouldn't train with anybody else...I'm grateful to be able to come to class and learn from someone who is so passionate about what they do...thank you Professor!!!!


ATC Blue Belt

     -Your roots and time spent in the sport are the biggest example of your passion!


This gym has been the most incredible thing for my kids to train at. I love the people and how much they really love doing what they do. Do not deny yourself the experience here!


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